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London School of Journalism
Freelance & Travel Writing Course 
B.A. in English, University of Virginia 
May 2021

With Distinction 

B.A. in English, Concentration in Creative Writing, North Carolina State University Minor in Design Studies 

Transferred in 2019 

Writing Experience

UVA Transfer Resources Committee

NCSU Pawprint Magazine

Myers Park High School Pegasus Magazine 8/15-6/17 

 As a member of UVA's ad-hoc Transfer Resources Committee, I was able to collaborate with other transfer students to produce a guidebook that was intended to help future transfers adjust to the university and learn about the resources that are available to them. The guidebook allowed for us transfers to share our own experiences in the form of testimonials.

As a content writer for NC State's Inter-Residence Council's annual welcome magazine intended for incoming freshmen, I informed new members of the Wolfpack about how to survive college life and navigate the campus by writing about some helpful tips and tricks.

As a staff member, I was responsible for integrating student art and writing to design unique spreads for my high school's literary magazine.

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