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5 Highlights of Milos, Greece's Lunar Landscape

Milos is a Greek island in the Cyclades outfitted with fascinating geological feats and volcanic heritage. To many, Milos is a "moonscape" due to its close resemblance to the surface of the moon - Milos is a reminder that we exist on a solar body that's one of many of the millions that exist in the solar system. But to have such a supernatural landscape on Earth is quite special.

Milos has around 75 beaches that show off the beauty of this lunar landscape, which have been carved by nature's paintbrush over the last few centuries. You will feel like a Greek god or goddess sitting upon your thrown of white sand and rock that stretches in every direction.

In this post I detail the highlights of Milos' dreamy moonscape landscape and the appreciation you'll have for it during your Cycladic adventures.

Feeling like you're walking on the surface of the moon without needing the spacesuit

Ever wanted to experience the feeling of walking on the moon without the fear of plunging into nothingness or have something go wrong with your spacesuit? Or is that just me...anyways, the landscape of Milos is probably the closest that you will get to the feeling of trekking along the craters of the moon.

It's just you, the volcanic rocks and dust, and blue skies.

Appreciating the rare geological formations of the island

The lunar landscape of Milos

Milos gets its ethereal, otherworldly "moonscape" landscape from the volcanic activity that formed the rocks and minerals that compose the island. Milos as an island literally emerged from the water due to undersea volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, and tidal waves over the course of centuries.

There are two extinct volcanoes on the island now, including Firiplaka on the southern side of the island and Trachilas on the northern side of the island.

Firiplaka Beach is a breathtaking beach in between Provatas and Tsigrado beaches and is one of the

most popular beaches on the island, if not the most popular. I would highly recommend checking

out the white-grey sand landscape and views of towering volcanic rocks that compose Firiplaka, Provatas, and Tsigrado beaches during your trip to Milos!

Also, seek out secluded coves that are only accessible by the sea. The most popular and most visited caves are Sykia, Kleftiko, Papafragas, and Sarakiniko. I personally visited Papafragas and Sarakiniko - in Sarakiniko, there's a cliff where just about everyone who is brave enough plunges down into the sea below, and crawls back up the cliff after struggling to get back on the slippery rocks. You really feel like you're in another world, in the midst of a dream, when you take a chance and soar down Sarakiniko's archways and explore the secrets of its cave-like formations.

Cliff jumping in Sarakiniko

On the other hand, I appreciated Papafragas not only for the beauty of the cave and natural swimming pool, but also for its beach in a chiseled cave-like channel.

Pro tip: Evade the tourist crowds in the early morning and late afternoon and visit the beach right next to Papafragas called Kapros that offers a small, sheltered cove. This beach is tucked away, yet visible from the main road, and offers the perfect spot to bask in the sun.

Enjoying Kapros Beach all to myself >>>

Pretending like you're in Kungs' "This Girl" music video

Let me tell you - as someone who is obsessed with all things Greece, I was ecstatic when this Kungs anthem was released in 2016. This song with Cookin' with on 3 Burners is the perfect summer jam, and if the scenery in this music video looks familiar, that's because it is!

This music video was actually filmed on Milos - according to this article, the caves that this young couple is prancing into were rumored to be inhabited by Sacrean pirates and then later the Germans during World War II.

The youthful, playful, and adventurous anthem pairs well with the feeling of being in Milos and exploring all of its unique crevices and hideout spots to chill and relax with yourself, friends, or your love!

Savoring unobstructed views of the island

Since Milos' landscape is mostly made of smooth rock that has been carved by the wind and the sea, there is less foliage and plant cover that could possibly obstruct some of the mesmerizing views of the island and its turquoise waters.

This makes for better landscape pictures that showcase as far as the eye can see (pictured below!)

Swimming and snorkeling in the crevices of the Earth

Venture over to Kleftiko during your trip to Milos, which is a swimming bay that is surrounded by white rock formations and sea caves, perfect for if you want to explore the crevices, or craters, of the Earth's geological formations.

Kleftiko got its name from the pirates that used to take refuge there, as the name comes from the Greek word "kléftis" which translates to "thief" in English.

Travel to Kleftiko via boat, booking an excursion such as this one.


Enjoy your trip to heaven on Earth, literally!


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